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  • Filter, Sort, and Group data — In a few clicks

  • Create, Read, Update and Delete — Without writing SQL

  • Changes verified before being applied — No more mistakes

Data Editor

Enhance your table data editing with our powerful features designed for efficiency and accuracy.

Our support for copy-pasting and fill-down functionality speeds up data entry and modification, making batch edits a breeze.

You can effortlessly insert new rows or delete existing ones, tailoring your data precisely as needed.

To ensure the integrity of your database, we validate all edits and inserts to confirm that the entered data matches the expected database types. This helps prevent errors and maintains data consistency. Additionally, our interface clearly indicates default values and fields that accept null values, providing you with essential information at a glance. These tools combine to create a robust, user-friendly environment for managing your database directly within VS Code, enhancing productivity and data accuracy.

Before applying updates and deletions, we perform a check to ensure that only one row will be affected by each operation. This safeguard prevents unintended changes and ensures that each update or deletion is accurately targeted, enhancing the reliability and precision of your database management. This feature is critical for maintaining data integrity and ensuring that your modifications are executed exactly as intended.